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Phase 2 schedule

June 8, 2011

Life after the Cleanse

Congratulations on completing the 10-day Herbal Cleanse! Now that you’re all clean, primed, and ready for optimum core nutrition, let’s look at how things change starting on Day 11 of the 24-Day Challenge. This is when you enter the lifestyle phase of the program, so it’s about continued weight loss in addition to important changes in body composition (inch loss and appearance), core health and energy, and long-term results you can maintain! After completion of the 24-Day Challenge, most people continue Days 11-24 indefinitely as a long-term weight maintenance plan, pausing to cleanse every 3 months and adding additional products to address specific needs as they continue to lose weight and see great results.

Food changes:

Now you can add wheat and dairy products back – in moderation, of course. Your focus now should be on low calorie, low sodium, healthy food choices. If you’d like, you can start to track calories, fat, carbs, and protein. To find the range that’s healthy for continued weight loss, check out It’s a great free resource and has a lot of healthy recipes, too!

Also, focus more now on protein (lean meats, eggs, low-fat dairy) rather than carbohydrates (fruit, grains) as a general rule. Fruit is great for cleansing, but it does have a lot of carbs. So that is an important shift to make Day 11 and on. The carbs you do choose from now on should be complex as often as possible. White flour, bread, pasta, and rice should be replaced with whole grain/whole wheat versions from now on. Try to keep carbs under 30 grams per meal and under 120-150 per day. And to see even faster results, try to avoid carbs completely after 5pm.

What stays the same:

Continue eating breakfast within an hour of waking! Keep eating every 3-4 hours! Keep drinking your water!

Product schedule:

Gone is the delicious fiber drink, but Spark and Omegaplex continue indefinitely. Plus now you’re using the Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS), containing all your core nutrition with energy, appetite control, and more. You may also be using Meal Replacement Shakes to fill meal gaps. They make a great on-the-go breakfast option. Here’s what to take when. Note that the timing of the products is important!

30 minutes BEFORE breakfast: Take the first MNS color packet

WITH breakfast: Take both white MNS packets and 2 Omegaplex

30 minutes BEFORE lunch: Take the second MNS color packet

Meal Replacement Shake: One per day only, ideally for breakfast. Add only ice and water. Shake or blend well. Enjoy!

Spark: One or two per day, as needed. Dissolve in a bit of room temperature or hot water for best results. Then add water/ice to your desired taste/concentration. Shake well. Enjoy!

Are you using any other AdvoCare products? If you’re not sure about the timing of other products, please contact us through this site or contact your distributor to get the information you need for maximum success!

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